Emily's Kickball for Epilepsy- Third Party Event

Join the Bono Family for a day of fun, food, and KICKBALL!  All proceeds from this event will benefit the Epilepsy Foundation of Michigan.  There is room for 20 teams, each with 8-10 players.  Sign up today; space is limited!

Emily's Kickball for Epilepsy
October 18, 2014
Canton Sports Center
46555 Michigan Ave, Canton, MI 48188
9 AM - 4 PM
$150 per team
RSVP by October 1, 2014

All participants must sign a PARTICIPANT WAIVER FORM in order to take part in Emily's Kickball for Epilepsy.  
Completed waivers will be collected upon checking in at the event.  Thank you!

What to expect- a lot of fun!  
In addition to that, the day will also include a light breakfast, lunch, bottled water, prizes for first place team,
and a commemorative Emily's Kickball for Epilepsy Team T-shirt!  
Visit thier Facebook Event Page!

Emily's Story, told by her father...
Emily's Kickball is in honor of my beautiful and sweet daughter.  Emily has braved through seizures, medications, countless testing and three brain surgeries.

Emily had her first seizure in July of 2002, due to a brain tumor that had went undiagnosed. In September of that same year it was successfully removed, luckily with very little complication.  She went approximately 6 years without any seizures or complications. Then she started having what are called petit-mal seizures that could not be controlled or stopped with any of the assortment of medications that were prescribed. We were informed that if the first few medications didn’t work that the chances were very slim that any meds would work and that the scar tissue from the removed tumor was the cause of the Epilepsy.

So after about a year and a half of failed medications, Emily was then left with the decision to either deal with the seizures or have brain surgery to “hopefully cure" the epilepsy. She was given a 70% chance of success. She decided that it was better than not trying.There were multiple MRI’s, EEG’s and neuropsychological test’s, a WADA test as well as numerous other tests.  This all lead up to the two surgeries ten days apart.  The first surgery was to set the grids for the internal EEG, the second was to go in and hopefully and safely remove the tissue that was causing the seizures.  In total, Emily spent 2 weeks  in the hospital during Thanksgiving 2010.  Thankfully, November 19, 2010 was  the last time Emily has had a seizure. 

I am so proud of the bravery and grace in which this tiny girl showed not only in the hospital, but throughout the entire process. She is truly an inspiration.  Emily's Kickball for Epilepsy is a way to give back for all of the amazing care she has received.  Hope to see you there!