Epilepsy Foundation of Michigan is committed to helping people better manage their epilepsy today; however, we also recognize the importance of providing hope for tomorrow. A great deal of exciting research is being done to enhance our understanding of epilepsy, develop new treatment options, and eventually find a cure. The Foundation is proud to support this research through the following:
Michigan Research Initiative – Epilepsy Foundation of Michigan recognizes the exceptional talent and resources in our state’s research institutions. As such, we provide funding for promising local research in the field of epilepsy.
Epilepsy Foundation’s National Research Initiative – A portion of our funding goes to support national epilepsy research through the national office of Epilepsy Foundation.
Local Pilot Studies and Demonstration Projects – Epilepsy Foundation of Michigan has been involved in several pilot studies of programs focused on such things as epilepsy self-management and access to specialty care. The CDC-funded FOCUS on Epilepsy program and the HRSA-funded Pediatric Epilepsy Telemedicine Initiative are two examples of such projects.