Epilepsy Awareness Month- November
November is Epilepsy Awareness Month, and we need your help!  There are many actions you can take to spread important and accurate messages about epilepsy throughout Michigan. Here are some ideas:

1.  Attend our Celebrating Abilities event
Our second annual Celebrating Abilities event showcases the many creative talents of people with epilepsy. The event raises epilepsy awareness, promotes networking between people with similar interests, and encourages people with epilepsy to engage in creative pursuits. Join us, and invite a friend, family member, or co-worker...what better way to introduce someone to Michigan's epilepsy community!       Download the Press Release

2. Join the National Epilepsy Foundation Campaign
The Epilepsy Foundation has launched a new #DareTo campaign. Check it out!

3. Share a link about epilepsy with someone you know
Whether it's through Facebook, Twitter, or email, sharing a link about epilepsy can go a long way toward raising awareness. There are so many great stories, videos, and educational tools on our website, our Facebook page, and epilepsy.com. Find something that's meaningful to you, and share it with others (you can go back to sharing adorable cat videos next month).  

4. Honor someone you love
November is a great opportunity to honor and/or remember somone you know who is touched by epilepsy by making a gift in their honor.  Click here to make your honor gift, and help to continue to fund the vital mission of the Foundation!

5. Spread Seizure First Aid Awareness
Interested in informing your school or workplace with correct Seizure First Aid?  A seizure can happen at any place and any time, making it increasingly important to inform the general public on what to do when someone is having a seizure.  Download the Seizure First Aid Poster/Flyer, and spread it around in your community today!  Need copies??  Call our office and we will send them to you!

What are some other ways you are spreading the word?  Send us an email and let us know!