Summer Stroll for Epilepsy

We are looking forward to the 2018 Summer Stroll season! 
Online registration is OPEN!
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The Summer Stroll is an inspirational morning walk that brings people together to raise
funds for the Epilepsy Foundation of Michigan - benefiting initiatives on a local level, while
also increasing epilepsy awareness in communities throughout Michigan.

Our 6 Summer Stroll for Epilepsy™ Locations

Thank you for joining us at our first Traverse City Summer Stroll for Epilepsy!
Clinch Park, Traverse City
To view photos click here.

Dow Diamond, Midland

June 2 • Dow Diamond, Midland
825 East Main St, Midland, MI 48640
Mail-in Registration Postmarked By May 25
Online Registration Due May 31
Late Registration June 2

Celery Flats, Kalamazoo County
June 9 • Celery Flats, Kalamazoo County

7335 Garden Lane, Portage, MI 49002
Mail-in Registration Postmarked By June 4
Online Registration Due June 7
Late Registration June 9

Detroit Zoo, Metro Detroit
June 23 • Detroit Zoo, Metro Detroit
8450 W. 10 Mile Rd., Roayl Oak, MI 48067
Mail-in Registration Postmarked By June 18
Online Registration Due June 21
Late Registration June 23

Potter Park, Lansing
July 14 • Potter Park, Lansing
1301 S. Pennsylvania Ave., Lansing, MI 48912
Mail-in Registration Postmarked By July 9
Online Registration Due July 12
Late Registration July 14

Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park, Grand Rapids
July 28 • Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park, Grand Rapids
1000 E. Beltline Ave NE, Grand Rapids, MI 49525
Mail-in Registration Postmarked By July 23
Online Registration Due July 26
Late Registration July 28

Additional Summer Stroll Information

• Please review the Summer Stroll guidebook, available online at this link.
it provides valuable information to Team Captains, Stroll participants, and Volunteers.

• Full sized pledge sheets are also available on the Summer Stroll website.

• Get creative in your fundraising efforts by holding car washes, casual days, or
other such events, and make sure you use social media to spread the word!

Want to volunteer at one of our Summer Strolls? Contact us at
(800) 377-6226, ext 1236 or email

Each year, we reach out to corporate leaders to join the Summer Stroll for Epilepsy™ as an official partner.   We'd love to have your company join us as we reach thousands of people who share the commitment to leading the fight to stop seizures!  
For more information on becoming a sponsor or booth partner, check out our Sponsorship Overview or Booth Partnership Form, or call Andrea Schotthoefer at (800) 377-6226 ext. 1231.  

For any questions regarding the Summer Stroll, please call (800) 377-6226, ext. 1231 or contact us via email by clicking here.

2017 Summer Stroll Leaders Club
Mohammad Alcaptan
Whitney Alt
Bill Ames
Eli Bigelow
Rebecca Bigelow
Mary Brandon
Corbin Brigitte
Aubrey Brown
Jennifer Buda
Anita Davis
Marjory Epstein
Kendall Gagnon
Kaitlyn Golicz
Elliott Klain
John Kopp
Stephen Kuehn
Donal LaBean
Janet Maul
Timothy Maurer
Angie May
John May
Morgan Busscher
Laura Murphy
Luke Nieckarz
David Noonan
Richard Polk
David Robinson
Ben Rosman
Karen Ross
Nik Sachdev
Erin Strobel
Jason Strobel
Matthew Summerfield
Suzette Summerfield
Marlene Warren
James Wigginton
Adam Woolf

2016 Summer Stroll Leaders Club
 Don Beery
Mary Brandon
Aubrey Brown
Morgan Busscher
Piper Caldwell
Tammy Clinger
Brigitte Corbin
Jamie D'Luge
Jill Gagnon
Emilio Giglio
Kaitlyn Golicz
Valerie Grant
Tom Grant
Eleanor Grant
Miranda Grant
LaShaundra Harris
John Kopp
Stephen Kuehn
Brad Lewis
Kristen Makins
Janet Maul
Angie May
John May
Alysse Mengason
David Noonan
Richard Polk
Laine Richards
Matthew Summerfield
Jeffrey Wilson

2015 Summer Stroll Leaders Club
Sy Adler
Madeline Anderson
Nick Broggi
Aubrey Brown
Morgan Busscher
Bradley Busscher
Tammy Clinger
Phil Clinger
Jamie D'Luge
Brayden Flanders
Kendall Gagnon
Jill Gagnon
Kaitlyn Golicz
John Kopp
Sharon Leenhouts
Janet Maul
Steve Maul
Angie May
John May
Madison May
Lisa Pigott
Richard Polk
Charles Smith
Peggy Smith
Matthew Summerfield
Brittney Taylor
Jeffrey Wilson

In order to become a member of the Leaders Club, an individual had to raise at least $1,000 for the Summer Stroll. 

Thank you to everyone who sponsored, volunteered, and participated in the Summer Stroll for Epilepsy™!
To view photos from any of our Summer Stroll events, visit our Shutterfly share site and select the event you would like to view.

Video Interviews of Stroll Participants

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