Epilepsy Management
Epilepsy Management
Managing epilepsy often involves more than just managing seizures. Epilepsy Foundation of Michigan helps people with epilepsy and their families manage the following and more:

  • seizures
  • treatment side effects
  • access to healthcare services
  • lack of health insurance
  • employment
  • transportation
  • school issues
  • depression, stress, and fear
  • social isolation
  • stigma
  • memory and thinking problems

This is accomplished through a variety of services, including the following:
Here for You Helpline – face-to-face, phone, or email consultation to help people with epilepsy and family members learn more about epilepsy and its management
Learn & Share Conference Calls – monthly conference calls featuring expert speakers and sharing of ideas on a variety of epilepsy-related topics
Wellness & Epilepsy Conference – annual conference featuring a keynote speaker, health fair, networking reception, and expert-led educational sessions on wellness and epilepsy management
PROGRESS Toward Wellness - a six-month epilepsy self-management program that helps adults with epilepsy identify problem areas, set goals, and develop and follow plans to reach those goals
Pediatric Epilepsy Telemedicine Initiative – a collaborative effort that uses telemedicine to increase access to specialty care for families of children with epilepsy in medically underserved and rural areas; the initiative also offers a variety of educational components to help parents and their children better manage epilepsy